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Star-Crossed Myth, Sequel: Zyglavis

Breaking the Law

Since Voltage are leaving me high and dry with the next instalment of the Paradiso Four, I’m going back to my greatest love of all: Star-Crossed Myth. Now you also have a Whitney Houston song stuck in your head, or the one from Judas Priest. Either way, you’re welcome.

Zyglavis is my man. We’ve established that. When I saw the cover image of his sequel, I knew I HAD TO KNOW. How dare you throw my man into a dungeon? What could he possibly have done? And how can it possibly not have been entirely justified? This is Zyglavis we’re talking about! Never was there anyone more proper, more just, more inherently LAWFUL GOOD than this man! HOW DARE YOU? I’m looking at you, King.

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Reviews · Star-Crossed Myth

Star-Crossed Myth: Zyglavis

Of Love and Duty

Maybe I’m doing the Wishes guys wrong, but I think that the job really isn’t as hard as working in Punishments. Humans do not tend to be overjoyed when they’re being punished for their wrongdoing, so the gods in this department face a lot of adversity.

Here, now, is the Minister of Punishments himself, Zyglavis, god of Libra, he who holds the scales of justice. He is calm, composed, rational, and very, very pretty. But I digress. I wanted to see a story from the second set, and Zyglavis is simply the guy who interests me the most. He is my type, of course.

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