img_1414Good news! One of the three titles that are currently free on the Love 365 app is Kings of Paradise’s Shirakami Kiyohito! You can check out my review here. His is a good story, so grab that chance to hang out with the coolest cat on the block!

The other two freebies – as if anyone cared after seeing the picture here – are Irresistible Mistakes’ Tachibana Shunichiro, and Our Two Bedroom Story’s Okouchi Minato. Minato (asshole type) was my favorite character out of that series, and Shunichiro’s (smooth operator guy) story is also excellent, especially if you’re looking for more “mature” behavior.

What are you waiting for? Go get those darlings!


General Musings

Otome Games and Feminism

I’m a feminist. Not the quiet kind, either. I’m the marching, campagning, political, in-your-face kind of feminist. “What?”, you inquire. “Otome games and feminism? How does that even work?” Well, no surprises there, ’cause it doesn’t. It doesn’t work in the same fashion that movies, particularly romantic comedies, don’t work. A lot of music has similar issues. Books are easier to navigate, but rest assured, I have some highly problematic favourites.

Yes, it’s difficult. Yet there’s method to the madness, in a way.

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