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Finally in Love Again: Kikuchi Sosuke

I’ve Been Loving You My Whole Life

Sosuke has been in love with our MC since he was six years old. But he never said anything. Which was, obviously, the correct decision at age six, but now it’s been twenty years and he’s still… lurking. Hm.

He is a friend of the MC’s younger twin brothers, and, accordingly, their age. Since the premise of the whole game is the “older” woman/younger man combination (the MC has reached the ripe old age of 34, which, as we all know, puts her firmly on the shelf for romance – kidding), this will be an element of contention, but it doesn’t set him apart from almost everyone else in the game.

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Finally in Love Again · Reviews

Finally in Love Again

Is There Love Beyond the Expiry Date?

Japanese culture has some pretty harsh standards for women, one of which is the age at which they are supposed to be married. Any woman still single after 25 is considered a “Christmas cake”, which obviously nobody wants after the 25th. This is precisely the premise of this game, where our protagonist is an unmarried woman of 34, which, of course, puts her perilously close to becoming an old spinster, and prompts her mother, brothers, and sister to intervene with more or less insistence. Please note that only women have an expiry date. Of course.

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Since “Finally, In Love Again” was transferred to Love 365 last week, we get to read one of the stories for free. The chosen bachelor is Kikuchi Sosuke, a childhood friend of the MC’s younger twin brothers, who has been in love with the MC since he was six years old. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about that, as I tend to find that level of obsession a bit… problematic. The route will be available for free until the 15th of March 2018.

He’s the guy with the grey suit with the daisy.