About Me


So, I’ve come to Otome Games pretty recently and rather late in my life. I’m an old lady, you know. At least by the standards of these games, that were basically invented for twenty-somethings. I’m also late to the game, as it were, as some of the reviews for the English versions of these games are five or six years old.

I found this stuff because, for once, Facebook’s targeted advertisement was spot-on. Noting that I had started to learn Japanese, it kept insisting I would enjoy this interactive story about samurai love interests. And I did. Those samurai opened the floodgates when I came across the publisher Voltage, purveyor of hours upon hours of entertainment. While I’m still a newbie on the subject, I have played about a dozen different games, and most of those I enjoyed thouroughly.

As to why I feel compelled to write reviews about these stories, however, is anybody’s guess. It can be argued that there are enough similar sites out there, and I do not disagree. On one hand, writing about stuff helps me sort my thoughts and find out how I feel about things. On the other hand, I am deeply grateful for the review sites already out there, and I hope to be helpful in a similar way.

Zyglavis is my man. It bears saying.