Kings of Paradise

Fab Four

Ah, Voltage gives us another new title, exclusively published on the Love365 app. I’ve read some reviews mentioning the worn-out premise – another bunch of obscenely rich kids, good looking and successful – and I get where they’re coming from; we’ve been there, we’ve done them. Er, that. The main man is going to be one Kozaki Taki, whose overall demeanor is not terribly far removed from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder’s Eisuke, the pinnacle of Domineering Asshole.

What gives this new set of stories a slightly different flavor is the situation of the heroine: this time, she is a recently divorced woman and not quite the shrinking violet we’re used to. I hope. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading these stories. After all, I’m a sucker for beautiful boys.

What’s the Story?

The MC’s best friend, Ryoko, lives in a supremely fancy high rise in Tokyo. The building’s first few (read: nine) floors are full of amenities like ball- and banquet-rooms, the obligatory gym, exclusive stores, and restaurants. The rest of the complex is organised in a money-based apartheid system: the next few floors are for wealthy professionals (which includes Ryoko’s husband, a doctor), then come the bold and the beautiful, and the top floors are reserved for the hideously wealthy. The very top level, Pandora, belongs to the Paradiso Four: the four enigmatic men who are the talk and envy of the building.

The MC is just leaving the residence after a visit to Ryoko, when she is almost run over by a car. The handsome and super charming man who hops out apologizes profusely, and, as a way of compensation, invites the MC to the super exclusive birthday party for one of the Four that is held on the following Saturday.

She resolves to go, and asks her husband, Fuyuki Tomoshiro, to accompany her. They have grown distant over the last year, their marriage has become more of a cohabitation than a relationship. As she expects, he turns her down, citing important work as the reason. In fact, he’s almost out the door as they speak, since work is so busy.

The birthday party turns out to be for Kozaki Taki, unofficial leader of the Paradiso Four, and accomplished business man. There, the MC also meets the man who gave her the invitation again, an investor by the name of Sagara Yosuke. She is further introduced to the remaining members, taciturn model Shirakami Kiyohito, and charming director Randoh Shun. She is enjoying herself reasonably well, when, suddenly, a new guest arrives. It is, of course, the MC’s husband, Tomohiro, with his secretary, whom he introduces to his important customer, Taki, as his girlfriend.

Confronted with this scene, the MC drops her wine glass, spilling the contents over herself. The Paradiso Four, who understand what has just happened, rush her to a separate room. There, they make her change into a beautiful gown, do her hair and make-up, and make her walk in again on Taki’s arm. With stunned whispers following her, she confronts her husband and demands a divorce. He coldly lets her know that she will not survive without him, as she has no means to support herself. Without her being able to prove the affair, he will not be forced to pay her alimony.

A few days later, the MC is living on her last savings in a small motel. Her job hunt so far is unsuccessful. But then she receives a call from the agency: a company has requested her, and her especially, for a job interview…

The relationship chart for the residents of Pandora.

The Guys

  • Kozaki Taki, business man of undetermined business, owner of a pet crocodile, and a fair bit of a Domineering Asshole.
  • Sagara Yosuke, investor, a calm and charming man who looks too good to be true, so he probably is.
  • Shirakami Kiyohito, model, aloof, enigmatic, and a man of very, very few words.
  • Randoh Shun, a ladies’ man if ever there was one, oozing charm and god knows what else.

Why would I date you?

Basically, because I like the heroine. She left that asshole of a husband when the situation required it. Also, a squad of hotties coming to her rescue is always such a nice development. They all seem reasonably interesting, especially Yosuke, who probably hides something very problematic.

I choose you!

Taki, for lack of options. Voltage is going to release the stories over the course of several months, I’m afraid, so Taki is all we’ve got for now. I will very probably read all of the stories, but I am particularly looking forward to Kiyohito. Sometimes I like the Dark Mysterious type.

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