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Serendipity Next Door

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Superstar

So, I need a break from the gods of Star-Crossed Myth. Not because I don’t love them, but rather, because I love them far, far too much. It’s too much. The drama, the heartbreak, the indescribable beauty of Zyglavis. Too intense. I need some light-hearted fun. So…

So, the new guy who just moved into your apartment building right next to you is some sort of superstar. Who gets lost a lot and couldn’t cook a meal to save his life. Then there’s the wide-eyed guy from the first floor, who is our superstar’s biggest fan and gets starstruck at the sheer mention of OMI’s name. The photographer downstairs is the kind of man who, nine times out of ten when you knock on his door, will be half-naked when he opens it. Across the hall there’s the flamboyant stylist who may or may not be gay and may or may not have an intimate relationship with the building’s administrator who lives on the top floor.

Welcome to Maison Mont Blanc.

What’s the Story?

img_0051The guy who moved in next door the other day is none other than OMI, a massively popular singer and songwriter. While our MC has never heard a single one of his songs, her co-worker Shoko is an absolute uber-fan and currently devastated, as OMI just announced his hiatus. The MC encounters OMI, or Masaomi as his actual name is, while he is running around the neighbourhood like a lost kitten, since he has no sense of direction whatsoever.

The people inhabiting Maison Mont Blanc are a motley crew, and their interactions are a lot of fun. In all routes (except their own, I suppose), Shinobu and Byron have the kind of relationship that leaves everybody else guessing as to how close, exactly, they are.┬áThe Ohsawas on the 4th floor are a recently married couple. The wife is concerned about our MC’s interpersonal relationships, while the husband is just very smitten with his wife. Jinpachi is the alpha male and “older man” – he is in his 40s – who will constantly hit on the MC, but also occasionally on Byron. Izumi is mostly flustered by something or other; usually by the presence or absence of Masaomi. Yes, both. Equally.


The Guys

  • Hibiya Masaomi is the hot superstar of the moment. He is also completely useless in the kitchen and couldn’t use a map to find the way out of his apartment.
  • Takasaki Izumi is a young, kind man who works in a pet store. He is also a devout fan of OMI’s and can be seen loitering in the vicinity of Masaomi’s door.
  • Narita Shinobu is the building manager and a bit of an enigma. He is always cheerful and likes to take care of everybody. He throws parties on the roof of the building.
  • Yushima Jinpachi is an “older man” and a relentless flirt. He likes to project the image of the ladies’ man. He is a professional photographer of some renown and an excellent cook.
  • Tokiwa Keiichi wants you to call him Byron. Yes, like the poet. He is a stylist by profession, and an exuberant, flamboyant character by choice. His relationship to Shinobu is not quite clear… Could they be a couple?

Why would I date you?

I’m a sucker for “next door” stories, I love them almost as much as the straight-up cohabitation ones. Also, most sneak peaks imply that there is almost cohabitation most of the time, so… Also, the MC looks like fun. She is all-out enthusiastic, yet unafraid to call people out on their bullshit. We will get along.

I choose you!

Jinpachi, the arrogant photographer. I hate his pseudo-goatee, but he sounds like a lot of fun. He will be overbearing and demanding, but what else is new? Also, Keiichi aka Byron (Byron!!) tickles my fancy, since he is described as effeminate and “like a best girlfriend” yet is apparently eligible and therefore not entirely gay. Since “manliness” is a definitive concern in these stories, I must see what that is all about. Masaomi, because how this guy is supposed to survive in the real world, I cannot fathom.

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