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Serendipity Next Door

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Superstar

So, I need a break from the gods of Star-Crossed Myth. Not because I don’t love them, but rather, because I love them far, far too much. It’s too much. The drama, the heartbreak, the indescribable beauty of Zyglavis. Too intense. I need some light-hearted fun. So…

So, the new guy who just moved into your apartment building right next to you is some sort of superstar. Who gets lost a lot and couldn’t cook a meal to save his life. Then there’s the wide-eyed guy from the first floor, who is our superstar’s biggest fan and gets starstruck at the sheer mention of OMI’s name. The photographer downstairs is the kind of man who, nine times out of ten when you knock on his door, will be half-naked when he opens it. Across the hall there’s the flamboyant stylist who may or may not be gay and may or may not have an intimate relationship with the building’s administrator who lives on the top floor.

Welcome to Maison Mont Blanc.

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