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Star-Crossed Myth

The Gods Are Fickle Creatures

You know this idea we have, of the gods being supernatural (duh!) beings of advanced intellect and emotional intelligence, so far beyond human ken that they are unfathomable to us? That they are the guardians of humanity, sometimes soft, sometimes stern, but fundamentally benevolent? Well, so did the MC, and it’s time to rethink that position.

As it turns out, the gods of the stars in this story are more like the Greek gods of antiquity, endlessly meddling in human affairs for their own amusement/hidden agenda/personal vendettas. Humans are to them like goldfish (that’s the common comparison being made in the story), to toy with as they please. Such are the temptations of omnipotence… Would be a shame if something were to happen to your divine powers, huh, gods?

What’s the Story? – Story I

One evening, after the MC – she works in a planetarium, as she is very fond of the stars – made a wish upon a shooting star, six preternaturally beautiful, white-clad men appear in her apartment. Upon her startled inquiry as to who they are and what the hell they’re doing in her bedroom, they explain that they are gods of the stars, cast to earth by the King of Heaven for transgressing against his rules. They all bear a mark of sin on their bodies, and they need the MC to erase it so they can go back to heaven.

Through circumstances beyond her control, the MC is forced to make a choice to serve one of them. However, neither she nor the gods know exactly how the marks can be erased. What they do come to realise, much to the dismay of all involved, is that the gods need to physically touch the MC in order to use their divine powers (except their birth power, which is individual).

Clockwise from top left: Leon, Scorpio, Teorus, Ichthys, Huedhaut, Dui

The Guys, Group I

  • Leon, ruler of Leo, Minister of the Department of Wishes, a Domineering Asshole.
  • Scorpio, ruler of Scorpio, Vice Minister of the Department of Punishments, an equally Domineering Asshole, whose attitude is based on a deep-seated hatred of all humanity.
  • Teorus, ruler of Taurus, Department of Wishes, constantly surrounded by beautiful creatures, and a Smooth Operator.
  • Ichthys, ruler of Pisces, Department of Punishments, a Trickster of the Sad Clown variety.
  • Huedhaut, ruler of Aquarius, Department of Wishes, a Dark Mysterious Type with a tragic love story in his past.
  • Dui, ruler of Gemini, Department of Punishments, a Genuinely Nice Guy with one heck of a dark secret.

What’s the Story? – Story II

After having helped the six gods with erasing their marks of sin, the MC is accosted on her way home by two unknown individuals. At the last moment, Zyglavis and Karno arrive to intervene. They explain to her that the King of the Under Realm plans to use her powers to break the seal that was placed on him and his minions. The six gods we haven’t met before are now on earth in order to protect the MC.

Clockwise from top left: Karno, Zyglavis, Aigonorus, Partheno, Tauxolouve, Krioff

The Guys, Group II:

  • Karno, ruler of Cancer, Vice Minister of the Department of Wishes. Somebody wrote that he even makes Leon look bearable, so he must be awesome. Also, a Genuinely Nice Guy.
  • Zyglavis, ruler of Libra, Minister of the Department of Punishments, a Steadfast Presence on the strict end of the spectrum.
  • Aigonorus, ruler of Capricorn, Department of Wishes, mostly asleep. Dark and Mysterious in the sense that he just cannot be bothered.
  • Partheno, ruler of Virgo, Department of Punishments. The most beautiful of all the gods. Whether Smooth Operator or Incorrigible Tease, I cannot tell at this time. Edit: As it turns out, he is a Puppetmaster.
  • Tauxolouve, ruler of Sagittarius, Department of Wishes. An Incorrigible Tease with a closed-off heart.
  • Krioff, ruler of Aries, Department of Punishments. Honestly, I have no idea. Time will tell. He’s hot, though.

Why would I date you?

So many reason. Because I am a huge fan of Saint Seiya, and this is kinda like dating the Gold Saints. Also, they’re all so beautiful. I have definite favourites here, and those I probably won’t touch (hi there, Leon).

I choose you!

Scorpio, of course. The MC does not look entirely weak, judging from the prologue, so she should be able to handle this bastard. I like it when I can talk back at a guy. Ichthys and Teorus are kinda my spirit animals, based on my birth chart.

From the second group, I’m already in love with Zyglavis; severity combined with long hair – what could go wrong? Maybe Partheno; it could be fun to see what he does when his feelings are thrown for a loop. Possibly Krioff, because of all the Aries in my life.

Six gods work in the Department of Wishes, which, as the name implies, grants the wishes of humans, while the other six belong to the Department of Punishments, tasked with bringing sinners to justice. In general, and with the exception of Teorus, I seem to be more partial to the gods in the Department of Punishments. Well. Ahem. Whatever.

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