Since “Finally, In Love Again” was transferred to Love 365 last week, we get to read one of the stories for free. The chosen bachelor is Kikuchi Sosuke, a childhood friend of the MC’s younger twin brothers, who has been in love with the MC since he was six years old. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about that, as I tend to find that level of obsession a bit… problematic. The route will be available for free until the 15th of March 2018.

He’s the guy with the grey suit with the daisy.

Metro PD: Close to You

Caught by Surprise

I would lie if I were to say that I don’t like the premise of this story. I like police procedurals as much next person – hell, who am I kidding; I love them far more than the average person. Criminal Intent, CSI, SVU, Chicago PD: you name it, I binge-watched it. Which is why this game should be right up my alley, seeing as it is full of cops, and has crimes to solve while you fall in love. The problem is that I don’t find a single one of the guys visually appealing. While the style is not far from other titles that appeared around the same period, I just don’t see myself engaging with anyone here. It’s the hair. I’m a bit particular about hair, I guess, and these ‘dos just… er, don’t do it for me.

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