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Star-Crossed Myth: Scorpio

If You Weren’t So Pretty, I’d Have to Punch You

OMG, Scorpio. Yes, yes, he’s described as “abrasive”, but this is a new level of adversarial beginnings. He has absolutely no use for humans, and his being forced to cooperate with the MC is disgusting to him. He makes his disgust clear in every word he utters.

Why would I choose such a character, you ask? While the MC is bound to be far less assertive than I am, she will probably not accept everything he throws her way lying down. I like a bit of fight in both my men and my women. Also, the more adversarial the beginnings, the sweeter the surrender. Yes, that’s a trope, and a toxic one at that. But that’s what we’re here for.

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Finally in Love Again: Kikuchi Sosuke

I’ve Been Loving You My Whole Life

Sosuke has been in love with our MC since he was six years old. But he never said anything. Which was, obviously, the correct decision at age six, but now it’s been twenty years and he’s still… lurking. Hm.

He is a friend of the MC’s younger twin brothers, and, accordingly, their age. Since the premise of the whole game is the “older” woman/younger man combination (the MC has reached the ripe old age of 34, which, as we all know, puts her firmly on the shelf for romance – kidding), this will be an element of contention, but it doesn’t set him apart from almost everyone else in the game.

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Reviews · Star-Crossed Myth

Star-Crossed Myth

The Gods Are Fickle Creatures

You know this idea we have, of the gods being supernatural (duh!) beings of advanced intellect and emotional intelligence, so far beyond human ken that they are unfathomable to us? That they are the guardians of humanity, sometimes soft, sometimes stern, but fundamentally benevolent? Well, so did the MC, and it’s time to rethink that position.

As it turns out, the gods of the stars in this story are more like the Greek gods of antiquity, endlessly meddling in human affairs for their own amusement/hidden agenda/personal vendettas. Humans are to them like goldfish (that’s the common comparison being made in the story), to toy with as they please. Such are the temptations of omnipotence… Would be a shame if something were to happen to your divine powers, huh, gods?

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Metro PD: Kirisawa Hiroshi

I’m in Love with My Boss

Dating a coworker is mostly a bad idea. If it goes well, all is good, but if it doesn’t, odds are, you won’t be able to work together. Now, dating your boss is obviously a wholly different beast. There’s a power imbalance, there will be rumours of favouritism, and the woman in the relationship will be disparaged the moment it comes out – regardless of whether she’s the boss or the underling. But this is the world of romance games, so obviously, everything will be just fine.

This route was offered for free on Love 365 in the first week of March 2018, which is the entire reason I played it, as I had some reservations about this game.

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Finally in Love Again · Reviews

Finally in Love Again

Is There Love Beyond the Expiry Date?

Japanese culture has some pretty harsh standards for women, one of which is the age at which they are supposed to be married. Any woman still single after 25 is considered a “Christmas cake”, which obviously nobody wants after the 25th. This is precisely the premise of this game, where our protagonist is an unmarried woman of 34, which, of course, puts her perilously close to becoming an old spinster, and prompts her mother, brothers, and sister to intervene with more or less insistence. Please note that only women have an expiry date. Of course.

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